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The HiPOP Project

Computation based Science and Engineering  (CS&TE) has emerged – in addition to experiment and theory – as a third way to approach science and technology , namely through simulation. Today, computers can be viewed as scientific instruments as  telescopes and nano- or femtoscopes that allow to push  the frontiers of research and development into unknown territories.  More important they can enable us to study in quite detail the behaviour of complex systems with a great many number of degrees at work.

We feel that this exciting new  dimension of learning has not yet sufficiently reached the teaching in the classrooms of  our schools

We started as  a European-US ATLANTIS project (the HiPOP project) to promote  High Performance Computing that are concerned about the lack in  awareness  among young talents in mathematics, science and computing about the tremendous potential and career opportunities in High Performance Computing. With the HPC-Education platform we want 

  • to inform pre-university and undergraduate students about
  1. new milestones reached in computer simulations
  2. the educational programs in CS&E worldwide
  3. HPC research groups offering PhD projects worldwide
  • to assist teachers at the pre-university levels
  1. to access simulation material supporting classwork
  • and last but not least encourage CS&E graduate students
  1. to think their way of doing science and engineering on a worldwide scale
  2. to  use best-suited training material on a worldwide scale
  3. to exchange cross-border experiences

As an internet project we are an open group, inviting interested people to join in.