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Frankfurt International Research Graduate School - Computational Science


50° 10' 21.2988" N, 8° 37' 50.3832" E

The primary goal of our M.Sc. program is training students for computer-based research and development. The program targets outstanding students with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Geoscience, Mathematics, Meteorology, Neuroscience or Physics, but is also open to exceptional students with a degree in Engineering. Building on the common platform of mathematical and methodological expertise acquired during the Bachelor's studies, the Master's program leads students towards the current state-of-the-art of research, both with respect to computational techniques and with respect to the specific scientific field in which students apply these computational techniques.

The structure of the curriculum is particularly open and highly interdisciplinary. Rather than providing separate routes to graduation for the individual disciplines, its modules are designed to allow students to cross disciplinary boundaries as they choose.

The resulting education fosters research and development at the interfaces between the traditional fields and strengthens interdisciplinary communication. It lets students develop a command of a variety of scientific terminologies, which eases their integration into interdisciplinary teams and the development of competences in new environments.

Website: Frankfurt International Research Graduate School - Computational Science

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