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University of Regensburg - Computational Physics / Computational Science


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The Bachelor course in 'Computational Physics' has two basic goals:

  • It should optimize the chances to find a decent job with just a Bachelor degree. One of the strengths of the Bachelor/Master course of 'Physics' is its broad scope, which makes physicists nearly universally employable. This goal cannot be reached in just three years, which is why it is strongly debated whether terminating physics studies at the Bachelor level is advisible. In contrast, the Bachelor in 'Computational Physics' focuses on a specific part of the physics curriculum plus additional computer skills, which should ensure a high employability already at the Bachelor level.
  • For those interested it should provide the optimal starting point for reaching the forefront of research during the consecutive Master course, with respect to the computational as well as the scientific aspects.

To allow for this focus, higher experimental physics is not part of the curriculum. While it is in principle possible to start a Master thesis in experimental physics after graduating as Bachelor of 'Computational Physics', this is not a very natural course of study and requires substantial additional efforts.

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