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OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

CSIRO Mathematics Informatics and Statistics is seeking to appoint a highly motivated graduate who will take a substantive role in developing a theoretical and computational framework in which deterministic simulations can be embedded within stochastic or Bayesian risk meta-models in order to understand and quantify risk and consequences from extreme flow events (such as flooding, dam breaks, tsunamis, landslide and storm surge). The framework will be generic in approach with significant mathematical and algorithmic development

You will apply the developing risk technology to several different types of risk events, leading to a broad understanding of how risk meta models must be developed for each event type and also what parameters are important in different cases. This understanding will be expected to influence the development of the methods and software systems being developed.

You will be embedded within a world leading computational modelling group with significant expertise in flow modelling, extreme event modelling and in the development of software systems. A key element of the role will be drawing on these multi-disciplinary capabilities and their own computational and statistical expertise in order to develop a new and inherently cross-disciplinary capability

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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)