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Chaired Professor in Applied Physics

The Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics is an institution encompassing a wide range of disciplines, including many successful research teams, recognised educational programmes and respected lecturers. The department also has a major responsibility for both basic and advanced courses in physics and mathematics for, among others, the university’s prospective engineers and civil engineers.

We would now like to strengthen the platform for research, undergraduate and graduate studies in physics by establishing a research programme within Applied Physics focussing on advanced computational physics. Another object is to support fundamental science in applied technological science. The research must have a high standard within the discipline of physics and focus on modelling, simulation and computation at a fundamental level. An example would be the different types of quantum mechanical methods at the atomic level based on DFT, molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics. It is important that the programme contributes to competence and proficiency that can be used to develop an understanding of multi-scale phenomena.

Subject description

The subject comprises physics with an emphasis on calculations and simulations that are closely and widely related to applications and applied research.


The position, as professor and programme representative, includes primary responsibility for course development in terms of research, researcher training and education at both basic and advanced levels. In addition, duties include continued collaboration with other departments at Luleå University of Technology and with national and international research establishments, as well as with local communities and business sectors. As programme representative the appointee is expected to attract external funding in his/her own capacity and in collaboration with others. The position as professor is a permanent post, while the programme representative appointment is limited to six years with the possibility of extension.

Required Skills and Qualifications

The applicant qualified for appointment as professor is a person with demonstrated scientific and teaching proficiency. Equal attention will be given to the assessment of teaching proficiency as to the assessment of scientific expertise. Applicants must be able to demonstrate leadership within their discipline and show original and innovative scientific work of an excellent international standard. This is typically documented in the form of a series of articles published in recognised peer-reviewed journals with international distribution.

Teaching proficiency includes competence in planning, conducting and evaluating tuition. A professor must have undergone supervisor training and, in normal cases, must have been the principal supervisor for at least one postgraduate student who received a PhD.

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Luleå University of Technology