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Interdisciplinary PhD Studentships - Computational Chemistry

Applications are invited for PhD Studentships in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Several projects have a strong interdisciplinary emphasis, involving areas such as Mathematics, Molecular Physics and Engineering, amongst others. Due to funding restrictions, only UK/EU students may apply. Research topics include:

  • New methods to study electronically excited states; solvent effects on electronic and vibrational spectroscopy; spectroscopy of proteins
  • ¬†Modelling of the properties and manipulation of nanomaterials; the interactions between charged nanoparticles; gas uptake characteristics and interactions in porous solids.
  • Electronic structure and molecular dynamics of proteins; protein folding and evolution; bioinformatics; computer-aided drug design.
  • ¬†Quantum chemistry and its application to intermolecular forces; molecular simulations and the calculation of free energies, solubilities and phase behaviour; the properties of atoms within molecules.
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University of Nottingham
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