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RWTH Aachen University - Graduate school AICES


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The Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES) is a graduate school established in 2006 in the frame of the German Excellence Initiative. AICES offers a new doctoral program for Bachelor and Master students enabling a shortened and attractive path to the doctorate.

Computational engineering science (CES) has its roots in the modeling and simulation of technical systems and phenomena occurring in nature. Today, there is a trend toward an increasing intricacy of the systems being analyzed (complexity), a growing range of interacting scales which must be considered at once (multiscale), and larger numbers of interacting physical phenomena that are inseparable (multiphysics). Furthermore, there is increased demand for best-design identification of engineered systems with reduced input from human intuition (optimization). Therefore, in addition to pursue research in the classical CES research fields, AICES sets out to advance computational engineering science in three critical areas of synthesis:
- model identification and discovery supported by model-based experimentation (MEXA),
- understanding scale interaction and scale integration,
- and optimal design and operation of engineered systems, including both the products and manufacturing processes.
These diverse objectives share a common trait, in that they are examples of broadly-defined inverse problems.

The doctoral program in AICES can be started at the Bachelor or Master level. Students who hold Bachelor degrees complete M.S.-level qualifying courses and a Master thesis before starting the research phase of the program. The time needed for finishing a doctorate is shortened in the AICES program by a novel advising concept, where doctoral candidates are supervised by both a senior faculty member and a junior research group leader at the Post Doctoral or Junior Professor level. The junior advisor is responsible for defining the thesis topic, which is typically in direct support of their own research. Thus a close interaction and guidance is of mutual benefit, leading to reduced time to degree.

The AICES doctoral program is open to a limited number of extremely well-qualified students with a substantial background in their proposed field of study. Bachelor degree holders applying for the course-based Master-phase of the program should file their application by December for admission in Summer Semester, April for admission in Winter semester. Applications from Master or Diplom degree holders applying for the research stage of the program are accepted continuously.

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