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Tutoring for undergraduate students

Are you interested in learning more about how modern computer simulation is enhancing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, social science and humanities research and education?

You find a number of good examples of visualizations illustrating how the computation based science approach serves to advance a wide variety of fields of study.

If you want to learn the basics of computational science and engineering, there are multiple opportunities for you to get started.  You will want to investigate courses offered at your school/college/university.  High performance computing centers across the world provide sessions to assist people to learn these subjects as well.  They are offered as a mix of live events (e.g. workshops or institutes), web-based sessions where you can interact with the instructors on-line, and self-paced tutorials for learning at your own pace.  You’ll want to check out the range of offerings and opportunities available from PRACE in Europe and XSEDE in the United States, along with other venues offered in other countries.

Among the numerous valuable on-line free self-paced learning materials available are CI-Tutor and at the Cornell Virtual Workshop. There are also recordings of workshops and summer schools including the Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering that can help you get started.  

The annual PRACE-XSEDE HPC Summer School supports graduate students and Postdocs internationally in learning more about high performance computing.  Check out the PRACE and XSEDE web sites in the spring for news about each summer’s offerings and when to apply to participate.

Of course, the best experience can be gained from an internship during which you can both learn and apply the knowledge and skills you acquire while learning about computational science and engineering.  There are numerous internships and fellowships offered by HPC centers, major research projects, and individual faculty projects.  The PRACE and XSEDE web sites will provide information on opportunities for participation.

This HiPOP portal, and the HPC University portal provide information about learning opportunities, internships and scholarships.  Check them out for opportunities that may be of interest to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.